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Thank you for your continued service to our youth, community, and program this year. A central aim of the Minnesota 4-H program is to see young people grow into leaders who have the skills, heart, and mind to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. One of the ways we make this happen is by infusing youth leadership into every facet of our program. As you begin the new 4-H year, I encourage you to think intentionally about how and where you are enabling youth to lead. I also challenge you to step back, and let them take action. When youth lead we create opportunities for learning and growth. 

Here are a few guiding principles that support a positive youth leadership model:

  • Youth learn best by doing
  • We grow from our mistakes and from our successes
  • Leadership isn’t about the role you hold, but how you hold the role 
  • Everyone can be a leader in their own capacity

As you set up youth leadership this year, be sure to check out the resources we have available on the Leading a Club website. Specifically, be sure to check out these popular resources and think about how they can inform your program space:

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