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4-H clover 2023 Hennepin County Fair results

4-H’ers, grades 6th and up are eligible to be awarded a State Fair trip, if their project meets and exceeds display and learning criteria. Based on the judges' State Fair Trip rankings, we are so excited to announce our State Fair trip winners. This year 4-H'ers may see their name more than once. 

Congratulations to the following 2023 Hennepin County Fair 4-H’ers:

Clothing and textiles (7 trips available)

1. Zera (strawberry cosplay)

2. Anika (purchased green top)

3. Azalea (white blouse)


Crafts and fine arts (8 trips available)

1. Becca (sketchbook growth)

2. Edie (strawberry pitcher)

3. Cordelia (digital art - boy in front of candy)

4. Greta (bear in pencil)

5. Kira (character of Guinea Pig)

6. ALTERNATE - Olivia (oil pastel cat)

7. ALTERNATE - Arya (squid)


Demonstrations (unlimited trips available)

1. Caleb (stress and animals)


Fashion Revue (7 trips available)

1. TBD - judging is Thursday, July 20


Foods and nutrition (6 trips available) - event was April 2023

1. Sadaya (lemon cheesecake)

2. Ares (white/black forest cake)


Food Revue (2 trips available) - event was April 2023

1. Evan (BBQ sandwich)


Horticulture (6 trips available)

1. Mason (vegetable gardening)


Healthy living (1 trip available)

1. Sam (A Day in the Life)


Needle arts (2 trips available)

1. Anabella (big-eyed bunny)

2. ALTERNATE - Greer (WonderCat display box)


Performing arts (3 trips available) - event was April 2023

1. Beatriz (solo vocal performance)

2. Sophia and Nora (group piano and vocal performance)

3. Abigail (solo dance performance)


Pets (3 trips available)

1. Maximilian (Guinea Pigs poster)

2. Xenophon (dog food poster)


Photography (2 trips available)

1. Lucia (B and W planet starburst)

2. Anna (A day in the life of a hamster)


Quilting (1 trip)

1. Leah (messenger bag)


Rabbit Breed (2 trips available)

1. Lucia (Sr. Showmanship)

2. Greer (Intermediate Showmanship - Demo)

3. ALTERNATE - Caleb (Sr. Showmanship)


Technology (4 trips available)

1. Tyler (lego helicopter)


Veterinary Science (1 trip available)

1. Caleb (Rabbit - oral sucrose tri-fold)


Youth Leadership (2 trips available)

1. Cate (youth leadership binder)


More information on the State Fair

Hennepin County 4-H will be at the State Fair:

September 2 - 4 for 4-H General Encampment and Judging at the State Fair
**Note that this is Saturday-Monday of Labor Day weekend**


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