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4-H clover Adult volunteers serve youth and their community

Adult volunteers are the backbone of a 4-H program. Volunteers fill a variety of roles depending on their interests and time commitment. They serve as event chaperones, club leaders, content experts, and event coordinators. No matter what role a volunteer fills, each volunteer has an opportunity to impact youth in our community and grow personally. In a 2019 survey, 86% of 4-H volunteers in Minnesota said that their role has helped them gain skills that are useful in other parts of their lives.

Many people believe that you must have a child in the 4-H program, but that’s not true. While many volunteers start out as parents of 4-H members, or even as 4-H members themselves, Scott County currently has eight volunteers who have helped guide youth for more than 20 years. You don’t even have to be a parent to volunteer with 4-H. Any adult age 19 or older is welcome to apply to become a 4-H volunteer. We enjoy working with a diverse group of volunteers who can share their experiences, passions, and careers with 4-H members ages 6-19.

What can you expect after applying to become a 4-H volunteer? You will be connected with your local 4-H Extension Educator, a staff member who will help you find the best ways to share your time and talents. Once you’ve found the right role, you will work in partnership with youth, other volunteers, and staff to learn more about 4-H, create opportunities for youth to try new things, and build relationships. With 92% of 4-H volunteers saying that their role helps make communities stronger, you can feel certain that your time and commitment will make a difference.

If you’d like to learn more about volunteering with Scott County 4-H, contact Extension Educator Sarah Odendahl at 952-492-5384 or sodendah@umn.edu. You can learn more by visiting volunteering with 4-H or the Scott County homepage.

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