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Pope County Farm Family

Reichmann Homestead Farm

The Reichmann farm was purchased in 1920 by Theodore Reichmann, Curt’s great-grandfather. The farm has been handed down to five generations of the family and soon to be six. Theodore sold the farm to his son, August, who later sold it to his son, Clarence, Curt’s dad. Clarence sold the farm to Curt and his wife, Sharon. Now Curt and Sharon have sold shares of the farm to their sons, Tony and Dean. The farm will someday be passed on to their families.

The farm started out with chickens, pigs, geese and 100 dairy cows. The family grew corn, wheat, oats and alfalfa on 160 acres. Currently, the family grows alfalfa, corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, food-grade peas and beans. All are grown on 2,200 acres of owned and rented land. The Reichmanns do their own planting, harvesting and trucking and custom cut and bale hay and straw. They also feed out Holstein steers. The Reichmanns milked cows until 2013. 

All family members help in the operation in addition to the work of several part-time employees. Curt is semi-retired, but still helps with fieldwork in the spring and fall and handles the bookkeeping. Sharon is also semi-retired but helps wherever needed. She takes care of the yard and other tasks. The Reichmanns’  son Tony is owner/operator of the farm and along with his wife, Kristin, has two children, Dominic and Lilly. Curt and Sharon’s son Dean is owner/operator as well and he and his wife, Angie, have three children, Mason, August and Alexander.

The Reichmanns were active in 4-H when Tony and Dean were younger. Dean serves on the Prairie Lakes Producer board at CHS in Glenwood. Angie is a member of the Minnewaska Area School board and is employed by CPSI Incorporated. Dean and Angie’s family are members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Lowry. Tony and Kristin are members of First Lutheran Church in Alexandria. Kristin serves as treasurer of the Friends of Glacier Lake State Park. She is employed by 3M.

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