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Helping teens navigate peer relationships take and teach lesson

Are you:

  • Looking for ideas and information to share with parents and other adult caregivers of teens, so that they can help teens cultivate and maintain healthy peer relationships?
  • Looking for tips to help teens resist peer pressure to engage in harmful or risky behavior?
  • Looking for a comprehensive lesson plan to teach parents and caregivers on the topic of peer relationships that can also be adapted for delivery to a teen audience?

If so, then this take and teach lesson is for you!

Download the “Lesson Plan Resources” linked below to get started today. The complete lesson will take between 60 and 90 minutes to teach, depending if you decide to use one, two, or three activities.

All lesson resources were developed by Jodi Dworkin, Extension Specialist and Associate Professor — Family Social Science, and colleagues as noted. For more information on this lesson plan, please contact the author (612-624-3732; jdworkin@umn.edu).


All lesson resources were developed by Jodi Dworkin, Extension specialist and associate professor in family social science, and colleagues as noted.

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