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Strategic Farming: Maximizing return on investment

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Agenda topics

Strategic Farming workshops will provide up-to-date soybean production strategies to help you maximize the return on your investment (ROI):

  • Crop budgets
    What pieces are key cost factors and what do we have to work with in upcoming year?
  • What do you mean 5 bushels per acre is not significant?
    Key information and tips to help in understanding and critically evaluating ag research and blowing the whistle on marketing claims so you can make the best decisions on your farm.
  • ROI - Fungicides
    What’s the likelihood of seeing a return on investment from foliar fungicides and prophylactic applications?
  • ROI - Soil fertility
    The nuts and bolts about soil fertility and a look at the build vs. maintenance plan. Should you consider your soil as a bank when it comes to fertilizer?
  • ROI - Soybean aphid management
    Resistance issues are on the rise and chlorpyrifos is in the cross hairs. What tactics are worth the investment in time and money, and what is your best risk management strategy?
  • ROI - Seed and technology traits
    Seed makes up a significant portion of the crop budget, and costs can vary widely. What traits are worth the investment and what should you be looking for in your decision making?
  • BMPs for clean seed
    Foreign material, unapproved traits and improper disposal of treated seed throws a wrench in the marketability of grain. What are some key BMPs for high quality seed?
  • Lunch

Thanks to the generous support of the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, there is no cost to attend the Strategic Farming workshops.

Registration at least 7 days prior to the event you plan to attend is strongly encouraged to assist in meal planning, and to guarantee a meal.

Other programs offered

Some locations will offer recertification training for current private pesticide applicators (PPAT) whose licenses are expiring. Other locations may be offering additional workshops. Check individual locations for more details.

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