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4-H clover If you give a girl 4-H

A youth development program that starts in kindergarten and ends in grade ‘thirteen’ has the potential to make a big impact on a young person’s life. For Lexi Gloege, an eighth grader from Lac qui Parle County, 4-H is doing just that.

If you give a girl 4-H, she will want some activities to go with it.

Lexi dancing on stage

Before she was even old enough to be a Cloverbud, Lexi attended 4-H meetings with her aunt. Since then, she has participated in many 4-H activities. As a Cloverbud, the youngest of 4-H’ers, she joined after-school workshops where she explored robotics, various crafts, and even built a lamp. As she has grown older, Lexi joined a 4-H club called the Northstars, where she has learned so many new skills like organization, communication, and more through serving as an officer and helping coordinate activities. She also helps lead learning experiences for youth from across her county as a member of the Lac qui Parle County 4-H federation.

Just like in her early 4-H years, Lexi continues to attend project workshops that help her build skills in painting, gardening and craft making. And thanks to her encouraging 4-H program coordinator Mary Ann, Lexi’s even tried making a lamp and programming robots. She’s also attended 4-H camp, and now that she’s old enough, serves as a counselor.

If you give a girl some activities, she will want to make some projects.

Lexi getting her goat judged

Lexi has learned so much about topics she finds interesting that she’s become a regular project exhibitor at her local county fair. She has raised sheep, beef cattle, swine, and goats, competing with many of them in 4-H livestock shows. She’s tap danced her way to the State Fair through 4-H performing arts showcases and she’s proudly offered for judging several quilts she’s made with the help of her grandmother.

If she makes some projects, she will experience new things.

4-H has exposed Lexi to new people and places she would have never otherwise known. She recently reflected, “I feel I’ve gained leadership skills and built confidence to try new things and step outside of my comfort zone. I can talk to people no matter the setting, which is so important to be able to do!”

If she experiences new things, she will want to tell her friends about it!

Lexi believes that her experience is good evidence that no matter someone’s interest, they can find their place in 4-H. “Whether you enjoy working with animals, building projects, performing, making art or public speaking, it’s all there!” She elaborated how in 4-H you get to meet great people and build skills you can use throughout life.  “I feel like 4-H helps you become more independent and confident in yourself so you are able to think for yourself and speak up when something isn’t right.” 

If you give a girl 4-H, she will thrive.


Bailey Ruen
University of Minnesota student
Fillmore County 4-H member

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