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4-H clover Brainerd ninth grader grows her own 4-H club

Ali on a horse

At the end of eighth grade, many people are thinking about what the summer and high school years will bring. Not Ali Schroer. She chose that moment to start developing a brand new 4-H club in her county. One year later, that club is a reality.

The Brainerd area contains several 4-H clubs within close range of each other. Now a freshman at Brainerd High School, Ali said there are many smaller towns in the Brainerd area, most with their own 4-H clubs. Ali and her family live near Crosby, the only town without a club. She got to thinking, “Hey, why don’t I just start a club in Crosby? I have ten years of 4-H under my belt, I can probably do this.”  So she founded the Kiena Range Miners 4-H Club of Crow Wing County. 

Ali talked to her mom about her idea and they approached their county program coordinator Sarah Ukkleberg.

To recruit members, Ali, her mom Susan and Sarah went to Crosby-Ironton school’s open house night. Here, students can see all of the different clubs and organizations. There was a lot of interest in their 4-H club, especially younger kids. The rest is history!

“I’m so thankful my mom signed me up for 4-H because I have learned so much with leadership, public speaking, and a ton of other things,” Ali said. “Now 4-H is a good opportunity to help those kids, too.”

Ali and horse in a trailer

In 4-H, Ali has exhibited a variety of projects including horse, health, photography, fine arts, and crafts. She has advanced to state fair several times in both her horse and non-livestock, or static, projects.

Although she's still a high school freshman, Ali has a good idea of her plans after school. She wants to attend Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington to become a chiropractor. From there, she wants to become certified in equine chiropractic, so she can help both people and horses.

Ali did not hesitate to excitedly share why someone should join 4-H. “Because it’s super fun!” She continued, “You meet new people, there’s just so many new experiences, and you learn so much! There’s so many reasons about why you should, I don’t think I can think of any reasons on why you shouldn’t join 4-H.”

Find Ali’s club, Kiena Range Miners, on the map, and a club near you!


Bailey Ruen
University of Minnesota student
Fillmore County 4-H member

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