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Grow plants indoors all year long with hydroponics

December 3, 2020
A blue plastic container with a polystyrene foam board on top. The board has holes cut into it, and pots are nested into the holes. Each small pot has a different type of lettuce growing out of it. The bucket system is sitting on a bench in a greenhouse.
A simple DIY hydroponics system for growing lettuce and other greens

Are you looking for:

  • A new winter hobby?
  • Access to fresh greens or herbs throughout the winter?
  • A fun project for kids?
  • A unique holiday gift idea?

Hydroponic gardening checks all of these boxes! Hydroponic gardening allows you to grow greens and herbs all winter long indoors and can be done easily and affordably.

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. Usually, hydroponic production is done indoors, but it is also an excellent method for gardeners with a balcony or limited access to gardening space outdoors. This method uses less water than soil-based gardening, allows for faster growth and often higher yields, and requires few materials.

Check out our new webpage to learn more about whether hydroponic gardening is for you!

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