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Ask Extension: Are the warm temperatures a chance for late fall broadleaf weed control?

A patch of creeping charlie in lawn grass with fallen leaves.

Although we are having record warm temperatures this week, the duration of warm temperatures isn’t going to be enough for broadleaf weed control with herbicides.

Broadleaf herbicides (containing 2,4-D, mecoprop, dicamba, triclopyr, or carfentrazone) have to be taken up and translocated in the target weed. The weed has to be actively growing for this movement to occur, and it’s too cool for weeds like creeping charlie to be actively growing.

We suggest waiting to apply an herbicide and start planning for next year.

An integrated pest management approach for creeping charlie includes sound cultural practices, a subject we’ve discussed in-depth on the Yard & Garden News.

Authors: Maggie Reiter and Julie Weisenhorn, Extension educators

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