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Wonder Years virtual tour

The Science Museum of Minnesota, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota has developed an interactive exhibition called Wonder Years: The Science of Early Childhood Development. In this exhibition, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, visitors can learn all about the lives of young children and what science can tell us about how their brains think and learn. As you can see by these short videos produced by CYFC, museum visitors enjoy exploring this invigorating space, and are learning all about the young children that surround them in their communities every day. Childcare providers can get into the exhibit for free with a special admission postcard.

Click on a virtual tour video below to learn more about child development from the child's perspective.

Virtual tour videos


Take a quick look at what the exhibit is all about.

Mountains task

Children see the world differently than adults.

Baby goggles

Looking through the eyes of an infant.

Brain pruning

Brains develop rapidly in the first five years of life.

Keep talking

Learn about the benefits of talking with kids.


Young children build strong relationships through play.

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