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Special episode 01: Economists on the economy

(Air date: June 6, 2020)

Today, the dial is moving, and businesses are reopening. What can communities do to support business now? Look deeper to figure out who's affected. Double down on supporting local businesses. Be reliable customers.

Join our conversation with Brigid Tuck and Neil Linscheid as they share these thoughts and more.

In this special series, we are looking back on webinars and articles shared early during the pandemic and how that information needs to shift for our current reality.

"You know how that new restaurant opens and you go there the first day and buy something local and then you don't come back for six months — and then it's not there? That's exactly what we have to avoid right now. We can't act as if when things are opened up it's OK to leave everyone to their own devices."

— Neil Linscheid

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Reviewed in 2020

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