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Responding to avian influenza

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Domestic turkey

Losses in poultry production and related businesses due to avian influenza are estimated at nearly $650 million in Greater Minnesota, according to an Extension analysis. Carol Cardona and Sally Noll, Extension poultry specialists, are conducting research on biosecurity approaches and diagnostics to help poultry producers prevent such losses in the future.

One biosecurity upgrade recently in use across many turkey facilities in Minnesota is the "Danish entry system." The system clearly assigns clean areas to the entry area of a barn and demarcates areas for clothing and footwear changes. Upgrades to the system—including additional walls and washing facilities—may further reduce risks. Noll and Cardona are working with Extension engineers on improvements to the Danish entry system, while comparing efficacy and costs. In 2012, Cardona developed a diagnostic test for detecting influenza in water samples that she rolled out to producers, helping them to catch the disease early and prevent spread.

Funding support from Rapid Agricultural Response funds, Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources, Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

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