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Are you prepared to transfer the yellow pie plate?

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Does the following sound like you or someone you know?

"Recently, my parents died within three months of each other. My sister, brother and I have been going through the house, making decisions about who gets what. It’s gone pretty smoothly. There is only one item in the whole house that all three of us would really like to have: the Winnie-the-Pooh book that Mom read to us when we were young. It was always kept in the corner bookshelf in the living room. For now we’ve decided it will stay on the bookshelf, because my brother is moving into the house, and we can’t figure out a fair way to decide who gets it."

— Julia

Assess how prepared you are and learn what to do next.


Marlene S. Stum, Extension specialist and professor in family social science

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Reviewed in 2018

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