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4-H clover 4-H Plastic Sculpture Challenge

plastic bottle with recycle icon on label

Be an agent for change! Increase your knowledge of the wide world of plastics while repurposing (upcycling) single-use plastics into an amazing piece of art.

In the Plastic Sculpture Challenge, you will build awareness and knowledge on both the positive and negative impacts of single-use plastics and find ways to recycle or repurpose plastic.

Use plastic you find to create your art sculpture on a theme or message you’d like to use. Examples of plastics you could use: cups, bottles, bags, bottle caps, take-out containers, pieces of old toys and anything made of plastic that you find in your house or yard. 

Join the challenge today!

Don't just build your sculpture, build your knowledge! Work through these activities to become an agent for change.


Learn more!


Get inspired!

Check out past Plastic Sculpture Challenge exhibits below or these works of art from around the world to get some inspiration. There are endless possibilities on what you can create! 

Reviewed in 2022

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