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Extension is expanding its online education and resources to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions.

Communication and screen time

During this difficult time, we offer resources for parents at home with their children during COVID-19.

From cell phones to television to computers. Screen time is an issue for many families. Get resources and tips about how to communicate with your children about technology.

Have you talked with your teen today?

Get an overview of what teens typically want to talk to their parents about, and get tips for having positive conversations with your teens.

Teens and family meals

Work to make family meals part of your family’s routine.

TV watching

Find out how much TV your children should be watching and get ideas for limiting TV time.

Video games: A problem or a blessing?

Follow these guidelines to ensure that your children's video game usage works for rather than against them.

Teens and the internet

Get tips for talking with your teen about internet use, and learn what you can do to keep your teen safe while online.

LOL, IDK, OMG: Teens and social media

Understand the role of social media in your teen’s life. And help him or her use it wisely.

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