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Slugs, bugs, water and light - expand your garden knowledge while waiting for spring

Extension horticulture experts have been busy this winter writing and revising articles for this website. Here are a few examples to help you get through the rest of the coldest season. There's still time to learn about gardening indoors and checkout updated information on pollinators and pests!

Beneficial wasps in our landscapes

Did you know that not all wasps sting? Some - like those described on the new Extension webpage Solitary wasps - are not aggressive toward people and rarely sting. These wasps live in their own nests and hunt and capture other insects or spiders to feed their young. This makes them beneficial to our landscapes and in managing populations of other insects.

Ugh slugs!

These slimy mollusks are not welcome in gardens. Slugs can do some real damage when they feed on leaves of many plants as well as fruits and vegetables. Learn about slug biology, landscapes that are less attractive to slugs, and different ways to combat slugs on the newly revised Extension Slugs webpage.

Let there be light

Light is the main limiting factor for growing plants indoors. Houseplants looking a bit sad? Want to start some seeds for your container gardens outside? Lighting for indoor plants and starting seeds is written for the home gardener whose home lacks sufficient light. Learn lighting terminology and find options for houseplants for low, medium and high light conditions.

Grow plants without soil

Small-scale hydroponics is a type of soilless, space-efficient gardening that can be done either indoors or outdoors. It’s a great option for people with little or no gardening space, or who want to grow herbs and vegetables through the winter. Add artificial lighting and you can grow hydroponically all year long - even in Minnesota!

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