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4-H clover Registering animals in FairEntry

Reminders about registering animals in Fair Entry

All animals coming to the fair must already be identified in 4-H Online (except Cloverbud animals, pets, and poultry). You must now register youth in FairEntry for fair exhibit classes outlined in the premium book and attach animals to those entries.

  • Animals are interchangeable between siblings. 
  • You may change the animals you attach to exhibit classes up until ID check at the fair (see the schedule), but you must register now for all the classes in which you may want to show an animal. 
  • You can scratch classes at ID check at the fair, but you cannot add them (without penalty). So be sure to register for all the classes in which you expect each child in your family to participate at the fair. For example, if you have one animal and are unsure which child will show it, register both children for the class and attach the same animal to each. When you make your final class selections at ID Check at the fair, you will scratch all but one entry. 
  • Only one member may show an animal at the fair, except Cloverbuds. Cloverbuds may show an animal ID’ed and registered (and shown) by an older sibling or 4-H member, They may also show their own animal. In Fair Entry, Cloverbuds simply register for the class and do not attach an animal to the entry. 
  • At your designated ID check at the fair, exhibitors must declare which animals they will exhibit and their final class selections (meaning which classes they will scratch).
  • Cloverbuds, pets and poultry did not have to be identified in 4-H Online. In FairEntry, you will register your child for the class, but you will not be required to attach an animal or enter the animal ID information. However, you do need to follow the Board of Animal Health Guidelines for animals coming to their fair (see Animal IDs webpage or check the premium book), such as proof of vaccination, ID tags, health statements, etc. 

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