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Podcast answers "What's killing my kale?" and more

The Spotted Wing Drosophila is a tiny fly that is costing Minnesota fruit growers big money.

It lays its eggs directly in the flesh of raspberries and blackberries, high-value crops often grown by organic growers and others who try hard to prevent pests and manage them with great care.

spotted wing drosophila on its side, with 1 visible translucent wing with a dark spot at the top  edge of each wing, and large red eye

Managing the Spotted Wing Drosophila through integrated pest management (IPM) was the topic of one recent episode of What's Killing My Kale, It's a research-based podcast for commercial fruit and vegetable growers, produced by University of Minnesota Extension educators Natalie Hoidal and Annie Klodd. Hoidal, Klodd and other Extension educators also blog for commercial growers at Fruit and Vegetable News

The podcast and blog cover all kinds of pests, from insects to plant diseases to weeds and fungi. IPM is all about thoughtful and balanced pest management, and some recent podcast episodes featured pollinator and beneficial insect conservation. Extension educator and native bee expert Elaine Evans, and Xerces society conservation planner Karin Jokela discuss tips for managing pests without harming beneficial insects. 

Listen in at What's Killing My Kale. The podcasts are also available on iTunes and Stitcher

Extension offers more resources online at the Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Growers webpage. 

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