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Millions look to U of M Extension for bulk meat buying info

May 28, 2020
Diagram showing the sections of beef on a cow with some of the different cuts listed that would make up a typical quantity of meat to expect from a quarter cow with a live weight of 1300 pounds. Cuts and quantities of meat depend on the animal and processor. Cuts: chuck, rib, loin, sirloin, round, brisket, short flank, short plate, flank.

Having a variety of meat cuts on hand whenever you want them is a great convenience. And buying meat in bulk can help you save money over time if you and your family regularly eat meat. 

Recent events have led more consumers to consider buying meats through local farmers and butchers, but they were hungry for information. They wanted to know what they were getting. 

Extension's livestock team created charts to help consumers make sense of the bulk meat buying process. The artwork was done by Hannah Lochner, a graduate student studying animal science in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences. She and the team plan to add goat infographics next, after completing graphics for beef, pork and lamb.

By the end of May, the graphics have garnered more than 2.5 million engagements (likes, shares and comments) on the Extension beef team's Facebook page and the Extension swine team's Facebook pages alone. 

Visit Buying animals for meat processing to view the charts and learn more. Consumers looking for alternate sources of meat may visit the Minnesota Grown website. More information about meat sources is also being added to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture website.

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