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Maintaining rural septic & mound systems

septic system

Due to the lack of snowfall so far this season, there is still time to take preventative measures in getting your septic system ready for the winter months. In order to prevent freezing pipes, insulation is important. Allowing grass to grow over your septic system is beneficial for frost protection but more importantly an 8- to 12-inch-deep layer of mulch will act as a good insulator. Fixing all leaks as well as using hot water on a regular basis can also prevent freezing pipes. Avoidance of the area during this time of year is also crucial as compacted soils or snow can provide less insulation as a whole. If the system is new, keep covered as first year septic systems can be vulnerable to freezing. In the event that your system is already frozen, please call a professional to assist in any thawing efforts. For further information, please view the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website below.



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