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4-H clover June 4-H State Ambassador update

Jessica W., 4-H State Ambassador
Jessica W., Sibley County

Summer excitement

My name is Jessica and I am a member of the Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador team. My favorite time of the 4-H year is the summer - when we prepare for the fair! Want to hear about some cool opportunities coming your way this summer? Follow along and I’ll tell you where to look.

Home is where the fair is

My personal favorite place for “five days of family fun” is at the Sibley County Fair! I get the opportunity to showcase my animals and projects, promote 4-H to our county, have a lot of fun and, of course, drink a TON of milk from the Undeniably Dairy truck.

What kind of new project  will you try this summer? Have you always wanted to show an animal, but never had the money, housing or tools to do so? Did you know you can lease one through the Minnesota 4-H leasing program? For years, I leased sheep to families in my club. I was able to watch these kids grow with their animals and learn a lot along the way. The kids I worked with were better leaders and more confident as a result of showing livestock, and many of these kids went on to buy their own animals as well. Ask your local Extension educator about leasing to find people in your area with your animal of interest. I’m sure you can find an animal for your MOOOO-d!

Now maybe livestock isn’t your thing, but you’ve always wanted to challenge yourself to learn or to try something new. I say go for it! Find project resources to learn about a new project area or make an exhibit out of it. Make a list of new projects you want to try every year - you never know if you’ll find one you love!

Engineering Design Challenge

One project area I’ve always wanted to learn more about was the Engineering Design Challenge. In this competition, teams of 3-10 can use their imagination to create a Rube Goldberg Machine to complete a certain task. This year's challenge is "Shine Your Light! Saving energy through engineering."  I hope to see you all at your county fairs trying something new or giving it your best at the Engineering Design Challenge.

True Leaders in Service

April was True Leaders in Service Month. Haven't submitted your service project yet? You still can! We are still accepting responses with your favorite or one-of-a-kind service project experiences. Fill out the form today. 


As our team nears the end of our term, we are all hard at work putting together a great experience for our 4-H'ers at YELLO! Youth Exploring Leadership and Learning Opportunities (YELLO) is an exciting and fun-filled statewide leadership conference being held in Bemidji this year. This year's theme is "Your Destination Awaits!" We are excited to host our youth in deep dive sessions, workshops, a night on the town, small group lessons and the chance to meet new people. I can’t wait to see all of our excited members there!

My year in review

I have had the chance to reflect a lot on my fortunate experience of being a State Ambassador this year and how it has opened my eyes for the future. I have developed a strong bond with all of my fellow State Ambassadors - many becoming my closest friends. I feel like I have become a better person and 4-H'er out of this experience. I am sad to see my time as a State Ambassador come to an end. I have gotten the chance to attend National 4-H Congress, the Women’s Agricultural Leadership Conference and so much more! I am glad I have been able to promote 4-H more in my community as well as at the state level. I would definitely encourage anyone thinking about it to apply to be a Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador. You won’t regret it!

As my senior year is coming to an end, I am thinking about what is next for me. Where can I go from here? Next year, I will be attending South Dakota State University to study animal science with plans on going into veterinary school. It was through 4-H that I got the chance to learn my love for livestock and I am excited to make a career out of it. 

I am sad to see many of the things I have done all my life come to an end, but I know it is all because I am just getting started. I don’t know where I’d be today without the experiences and opportunities I have received from 4-H. Thank you to my supporters, community, parents and Extension educators for all you have helped me with over the years. Thank you Minnesota 4-H for all you have done for me and for letting me represent you this past year!

Jessica W., Sibley County
Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador

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