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4-H clover Congratulations State Fair Exhibitors!

Congratulations to Rock County's 36 4-Her's that are exhibiting general and/or livestock projects at the MN State Fair!

Good luck to everyone!

Participants include:
Peyton B- Dairy
Krista B- Needle Arts
Lanae E- Beef
Gracie F- Swine
Drew F- Swine
Mallie F- Swine
Egypt F- Performing Arts
Fox F- Indoor Gardening
Joy F- Fashion Revue-Clothes You Make
Wyatt F- Fashion Revue- Clothes You Make
Andrea H- Crafts & Fine Arts
Joshua H- Shop
Grace I- Crafts & Fine Arts
Ashlyn J- Crafts & Fine Arts
Brianna K- Performing Arts
Nathan K- Beef
Claire K- Beef
Tory K- Beef
Christian K- Sheep
Leah K- Beef
Danette L- Beef
Donavon L- Beef
Jacob M- Wildlife/Biology
Lucas M- Crafts & Fine Arts
Justin M- Beef
Aisha P- Photography
Candace P- Photography
Caleb R- Dairy
Jacob R- Dairy
Brenna R- Clothes You Make, Fashion Revue
Dennie S- Rabbits
Grace S- Rabbits, Food & Nutrition
Ava S- Photography
Larissa S- Crafts & Fine Arts
Myles T- Crafts & Fine Arts
Zach U- Self Determined

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