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4-H clover Baune earns purple ribbon at Minnesota State 4-H Showcase

Crafts & Fine Arts is the largest project area in Lincoln County 4-H.  Cari Baune of Tyler likes the Fine Arts project because she can show her personality in her art, and in 2020, all her work in the project earned her a purple ribbon at the Minnesota State 4-H Showcase.  

In 2020, 4-H non-livestock projects were judged on Flipgrid, an online video platform.  4-H members recorded a video sharing their exhibit, and judges offered feedback through their own video back to the 4-Her.  Baune has been involved in the Fine Arts project for a number of years, and when asked what she changed about her project work last year, she said that she did the same work she would in a normal year.  “It was still something to be involved with even if we couldn’t do it normally,” Baune said.  

While some 4-Hers saw recording videos and seeing themselves on camera a challenge, Baune was very comfortable with the platform.  Her involvement in Speech and Drama at RTR have prepared her to be comfortable on camera. She noted that being comfortable and presenting yourself well on camera is important, and will likely continue to be increasingly important in a post-pandemic world.  

While Cari was comfortable with the online judging platform, she did note that she’s looking forward to showcasing her exhibits in person at the 2021 Lincoln County Fair.  ‘You can convey your message  better in person,’ she said.  She also noted that it’s a lot easier for judges to give feedback when they can see an exhibit up close.  That feedback is something that Baune uses to improve her artwork.  

At the State Showcase, Baune met with a judge and other 4-H exhibitors over Zoom to share her project. At the Minnesota State Fair, 4-Hers talk with judges about their exhibits, but there are also other 4-Hers (who have exhibits in the same category) present who can ask questions about the exhibit.  Cari enjoys the discussion with other 4-Hers that happens at a traditional State Fair, and while the experience was different on Zoom, she still appreciated the one to one conversation that was able to happen.  

Like most 4-H members, Cari is looking forward to exhibiting in person this year and being around people.  Fairgoers will be able to find Cari’s art, along with flower gardening and flower arrangements in the 4-H Exhibit building.  Be sure to check out Cari’s work, along with the great work of other Lincoln County 4-Hers during the 2021 Lincoln County Fair!


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