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4-H clover April 4-H State Agriculture Ambassador update

The Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassadors have been busy representing Minnesota 4-H  and agriculture throughout the state and country.

Hosting virtual learning events

The state agriculture ambassadors offered plant science-focused online events to engage  4-H members from across the state in an interactive virtual environment. These virtual offerings included 4-H science sprouts, an adventure series to explore seasonal agronomy and horticulture topics, and plant science trivia nights for youth to test their knowledge and prepare for the 4-H Plant Science Bowl.

Five youth members in a line in front of a sign reading, "ignite 4-H"
State agriculture ambassadors attended the 4-H Ignite Conference in Washington, D.C. 

Representing Minnesota 4-H and agriculture

Most recently, state agriculture ambassadors attended the 4-H Ignite Conference in Washington, D.C.

The 4-Her’s who attended participated in agriscience workshops to bring back and educate others in their local communities. 

Additionally, agriculture ambassadors were able to represent Minnesota 4-H and the agriculture program at the Ag Gala hosted by Minnesota Farm Bureau.  

Teaching youth about soil erosion

Two teen girls wearing green polos doing an activity with a group of young kids.
During National Agriculture Week, state agriculture ambassadors taught over 900 youth about soil erosion.

During National Agriculture Week, March 21-27, the state agriculture ambassadors took on the challenge of going into their local schools to teach the Fields, Food, and You: Cultivating Global Agriculture Awareness curriculum. 

As a result, over 900 youth participated in the "Blown Away by Wind Erosion" lesson, where they learned about the effects wind can have on removing soil.

Students were asked to think about how soil erosion is present in their local area - urban or rural. This hands-on learning opportunity was a hit with these youth and helped them understand agriculture in new ways.

The Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassador program began in 2019, and the opportunities are endless for youth in grades 10 through one-year post-high school to learn about agriculture and represent Minnesota 4-H in a variety of ways. 

Request an agriculture ambassador for your next event

With many more programming opportunities this spring and summer, the state agriculture ambassadors are committed to making a difference in educating others about agriculture. 

If you are interested in having Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassadors at an upcoming event, make sure to fill out a request form.

Apply to become an agriculture ambassador

Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassador applications are accepted Aug. 1-31. The agriculture ambassadors align with the 4-H program year with responsibilities beginning Oct. 1 and running through Sept. 31 of the following year.

Advisors to the Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassadors are Anja Johnson, Amy Nelson and Brian Mc Neill; please contact any of them for more information or questions.

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