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4-H clover 4-H Showcase Event Is Approaching- What Type of Projects Can I Showcase?

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The final countdown has begun!  Everyone in the north St. Loius County Extension Office is working hard to prepare for the St. Louis County Fair!  We want this to be a successful showcase for every one of our 4-H members and their families.  Preparation for the 4-H showcase at the St. Louis County can be overwhelming.   

The type of project you can bring to the 4-H Showcase is endless!  That is one of the highlights of 4-H is you can cater your 4-H projects to something that really interests you, something you want to learn more about, or something you’ve never even heard of!

On the Minnesota 4-H website you will find project ideas for all the different project areas 4-H offers!  In addition to the suggestions in this publication, each project area leaves the possibilities wide open for you to create exhibits that fit your learning and ideas.  The suggestions in this document are simply ideas to get your brain thinking!

While there are still several general rules and guidelines that apply to all projects, including maximum size specifications for posters, displays and floor-sized exhibits, you are now able to exhibit almost anything that reflects your learning in a particular project area for the year.  

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