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4-H clover 4-H Involvement Awards

Each year we honor the incredible achievements of our Pipestone County 4-Hers. These honors are given out during annual Awards Night celebration in the fall. The Extension Office must receive all award applications by Thursday, October 5. 

Check out the following sections to find out more about the awards and to apply: 

Terrific Young Achievers: Youth that have completed grades 3-5 are eligible to apply. Compile your paticipation in 4-H meeting, events, teams, and more. Plus you can figure out the project you exhibited at fair, and the achievements you reached over the past year.

Excellent Intermediates: Youth that have completed grades 6-8 are eligible to apply. Very similar to that of the younger age division, but their is more opportunity to participate in an out of county events, and leadership opportunities.  

Outstanding Youth Leaders: Youth that have completed grades 9-13 are eligible to apply. This award continues to grow off the other aged categories for involvement but adds more focus on leadership abilities and participation in the program as a whole. 

Key Award recognizes contributions of youth to their club and community, and encourages youth to grow as an outstanding citizen. Eligibility guidelines include the following: must have completed your sophomore year in high school, be a 4-H member for at least five years, have at least three years of activate 4-H youth leadership, and must meet seven of nine leadership requirements  

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