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2022 Pine County Farm Family of the Year - Abraham's Table Farm

Pine County Farm Family of the Year, Abraham's Table Farm, Joel and Megan Barr family

“Grocery stores are full of confusing and impersonal options. But it's still impossible to be sure the food you buy is actually what it claims to be or even healthy at all. You shouldn't have to feel uncertain about the food you put in your body.” These words from Abraham’s Table Farm ring true for many people. If you ever wonder where your food comes from and how it was raised, then perhaps you should look into getting your food from Pine County’s Farm Family of the Year.

Abraham’s Table Farm was started from the ground up by Joel and Megan Barr. After graduating from college, the couple decided to work on an organic farm and discovered their passion for healthy eating and nutrition. They moved to Minnesota and settled into their current operation a few years ago, impressively without loans. Meanwhile, they found a place within their community actively educating all ages about farming, especially organic and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farming.

Joel and Megan’s farm comprises roughly 20 acres, that of which is mostly for organic vegetable farming. The rest is used for producing free-range, soy-free, organic eggs and chicken as well as grass-fed beef. They wanted their four daughters to grow up with a background in agriculture, but more importantly, with healthy food and nutrition. They also focus on getting feed from local producers so that they can ensure what goes into making the feed and to support other producers in the community. Lastly, a major area of focus for the farm is soil health. They regularly add compost and macronutrients to increase fertility and sustainability.

Abraham’s Table Farm also plays a huge role in their community, whether it’s teaching, coaching, being a part of a band, or inviting others to their home. They make it a priority to teach students about sustainability, nutrition, organics, and farming. That includes the science and business aspects of farming too. Teaching others about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of running an operation like their own will instill a passion for agriculture in a new generation. Joel works with Osprey Wilds (an environmental learning center) on a new parcel of donated land to help them start farming and producing healthy food for their campers and guests.

If you’d like to learn more or order food from Abraham’s Table Farm you can go to abrahamstablefarm.com or follow them on Facebook.

Farm Family recognition program

The Farm Family Recognition program has existed for over 30 years and honors farm families throughout Minnesota for their contributions to the agriculture industry and their local communities. All of the honored farm families have made significant contributions to Minnesota agriculture and their communities.

Nominate a 2023 Farm Family

Nominations are being accepted for the 2023 Pine County Farm Family of the Year. Please nominate a family today.


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