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RentWise curriculum

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Do you want to educate others on what it takes to be a successful renter? If so, then the RentWise curriculum is for you!

About the curriculum

RentWise is a comprehensive curriculum that provides education and skills on renting. You can use the curriculum in one-on-one or group settings.

Teaching the entire curriculum takes six hours. Don't have that much time? Customize by selecting the right activities for your audiences.

RentWise is a useful teaching tool for:

  • Individuals who have low income.
  • Individuals who need to build credit and rental histories.
  • Individuals who are new to the country.
  • Individuals who are new to rental living or independent living.

This curriculum takes an active-learning approach and stresses renter responsibility. Participants who complete the complete six hour education will:

  • Gather information to compare rental housing.
  • Identify changing needs and wants in rental housing.
  • Practice financial tasks related to housing.
  • Recognize the components of a lease agreement.
  • Practice positive communication skills.
  • Identify methods to keep rental housing clean and safe.
  • Explain proper procedures to end tenancy and avoid eviction.

The curriculum is web-based and costs $50.

What is in the curriculum?

The RentWise curriculum has three units:

  • Acquire your rental housing
  • Sustaining your home environment and relationships
  • Aspiring: your future housing

All resources are web-based. The RentWise Facilitator Website is a “one stop shop” with all resources you need to teach the program. Resources include the:

You also get access to the RentWise reporting system. Use this system to enter data and get customized certificates of completion.

Access the RentWise curriculum for free by attending a RentWise train-the trainer workshop.

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The curriculum is now available for $50

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Reviewed in 2018

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