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Manure safety

Learn how to manage manure safely. Includes guidance on how to safely agitate and pump manure and how to prevent and manage manure spills.

Manure spill prevention and management

  • Environmental impacts
  • Preventing spills from manure storage, transportation and land application
  • Managing manure spills

Manure gas dangers during liquid manure agitation and pumping

  • As organic material in the manure breaks down, the lack of oxygen in the manure liquid promotes hydrogen sulfide, methane and other gas formation.
  • Methane is a fire/explosion hazard when it reaches flammable limits of 5 to 15 percent by volume. 

Protocols and preparation for manure agitation and pumping

  • Each farm should have safety protocols for manure storage systems.
  • All on-farm family and staff should be aware of the dangers of manure gas exposure, and how to reduce the risks to human and animal health and safety. 

Farm Safety Checklist: Manure Application

  • Keep this safety checklist in mind for agitation, pumping, transportation, and application.
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