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girl on pony running in corral
March 1, 2019

In Minnesota, about 680,000 households have horse enthusiasts, whereas about 29,000 own a horse. The direct economic impact of the horse industry here is $541 million, with a creation of 15,113 jobs. However, the total economic impact of the horse industry in Minnesota is $1 billion, with a creation of 21,039 jobs. 

Colleen Carlson draws raffle ticket and speaks into microphone
February 19, 2019

University of Minnesota Extension and the Carver County Core Dairy Team drew together 300 members of the dairy community from 20 counties on Feb. 18 at Central High School in Norwood Young America. Now a 27-year tradition, the Carver County Dairy Expo is known as a day of camaraderie in the dairy industry, with a goal of learning and networking.

Chart of shapes with text in them showing where feed centers, shared transition, shared heifers, shared calves, shared dairy beef and shared dry cows would be interspersed among milk cows.
January 18, 2019

Recently, ten experts wrote in the Journal of Dairy Science about what they believe the changes may be in the next 50 years. Jim Salfer, University of Minnesota Extension dairy educator, takes this academic journal article and breaks it down into what it means in Minnesota. 

red angus cow behind apsen tree
December 13, 2018

Join University of Minnesota Extension Educator and Cattle Producer Eric Mousel, and Forest Ecologist Sawyer Scherer, Blandin Paper Company as they explore the health of the aspen forest, forage and water quality on his family farm. This video features the practice of silvopasture, combining sustainable management of forage, livestock and woodlands.

soybean aphid mummy
October 31, 2018

Marcella Windmuller-Campione, University of Minnesota assistant professor of silviculture, and Bob Koch, University of Minnesota Extension entomologist, explain the connections between soybean aphids and buckthorn. They include insight on beneficial insects, parasitic wasps, soybean mummies, earthworms and even a bird that plays its own role in the web of the aphid problem.

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