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Community mentorship for financial capability

The community mentorship for financial capability program began in 2005. Its aims to build and strengthen financial education services in communities across Minnesota. The program uses a “train-the-trainer” model. We team Extension financial capability educators, with community-based agencies in their areas.

Since 2005, the program has served over 2,000 low-income clients from 80 agencies throughout Minnesota.

How it works

Professional development for community educators

The educators serve as mentors to community agencies. Mentors help develop expertise and skills in educational program delivery in financial capability.

Educators help plan, market, deliver, and evaluate the agencies’ community workshops.

Together with their Extension mentor, representatives from community organizations take part in a two-day workshop.

This workshop provides training in:

  • Economics-based financial capability curriculum.
  • Workshop planning and evaluation.
  • Special issues in teaching adult learners.
  • Cultural considerations in working with diverse populations.

Trainers include:

  • Faculty from Minnesota Council for Economic Education (MCEE).
  • University of Minnesota Extension.

Co-teaching and mentoring for community educators with mini-grant support

After the two-day workshop, the community educators then collaborate with their educator mentors. Together, they to develop a financial education program for their clients.

Emphasis is placed on designing programs that:

  • Motivate participants.
  • Help build individual confidence in managing one's personal finances.

MCEE provides mini-grants to the community organizations to help them implement their financial education programs.

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