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Sherburne County Farm Family

Dudley’s Syrup Company

In 2011, Jake and Erin Dudley began their syrup business by tapping 14 trees. They used bags and hauled the sap to a boiler. In the following years, the Dudleys kept expanding the number of trees they tapped. In 2012, it was 35. In 2013, they purchased land and tapped 100 trees. They tapped 200 trees a year later, and in 2015 they tapped 250 trees and used tubing to connect their trees. The family built the Sugar Shack on their land to help in the syrup-making process.

In 2016, the Dudleys tapped 500 trees and began selling syrup at farmers markets. Two years later they began to tap birch trees as well as maple trees. This past season, the Dudleys tapped 730 maple trees and over 700 birch trees to make their syrup.

Jake and Erin harvested 10,000 gallons of sap from 730 maple trees this spring. After boiling it to evaporate the water, the Dudleys are left with about 220 gallons of maple syrup that they sell at farmers markets in Princeton, Elk River, Otsego and Big Lake. They sell maple syrup, maple sugar and birch syrup. The family receives a great deal of help from friends and family during the syrup season.

Jakes takes care of the tubing, boiling, evaporation, and the equipment. He also manages the trees. Erin helps with bottling the syrup and selling it. She also assists with tapping and syrup making, helps with cleaning, and feeding the workers during the season. The couple’s daughter, Lynn, assists with the syrup-making process, helps sell the family’s products at markets, posts on social media, and attends Minnesota State University-Moorhead. The family holds tours and classes for homeschoolers and churches.

The Dudley’s say they live by the motto “Money Does Grow on Trees!”

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