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Get smart about renting

During this time of COVID-19 it is critical to understand issues around rental housing. Being a successful renter means understanding how to secure housing, care for your unit, and maintain good communication. Take an online course to strengthen your rental skills. If you are agency staff, the RentWise curriculum can help you teach others about renting.

Renter 101

Consumers can learn about renting through the Renter 101 course. This is a free online course that helps individuals better navigate the rental process. Finding and keeping a home is an important step in maintaining a stable home environment. This 30-minute course provides an overview of the tools and strategies needed to secure housing including: 

  • Managing money resources wisely to pay rent on time every month. 
  • Choosing adequate, safe and affordable housing. 
  • Communicating effectively. 
  • Maintaining a home. 
  • Navigating the rental process. 

You will also learn about screening, lease agreements, security deposits and moving out. 

Check out this free course

RentWise train-the-trainer

Do you work for an agency and want to teach your clients about renting wisely? Attend a RentWise train-the-trainer workshop where you will: 

  • Get an overview of the RentWise curriculum, including finding out more about the program goals, target audience, theories and research. 
  • Explore all three RentWise units-Acquire, Sustain and Aspire. 
  • Review what is needed to facilitate the RentWise program, including how to use the facilitator’s manual, workbook, participant folder, handouts and supplemental materials.

Cost of the online course is $75

Access RentWise

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