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Families and youth work together to be money smart

Activities help you become money smart

April is Financial Capability month and we are focusing on the ABCs of money smart choices. During the month we will highlight resources and tips to help you reach your financial goals.

We start the month with Awareness. Whether we know it or not, many of the everyday choices we make involve money. Helping youth to recognize that money is a means for attaining goals that are important to them and to their family is an important first step in making money-smart choices. 

Let’s play a game

This week’s trivia game focuses on needs and wants and is a great way for households to gather together and decide if the item is a need or a want for them. Understanding needs and wants helps create Awareness for youth and adults by understanding. The best part — there is no wrong answer. 

As a family, check out our “money Awareness challenge” in Kahoot! There is no need for you to create an account. Just click here and spin for a randomly-generated player name and play. We will be sharing a new Kahoot! game each week with questions based on our themes of Awareness, Balance and Communication and will be sent out each week. Compete each week as there will be a prize. Make sure to remember your player name.

Money moment

Another concept that brings Awareness to everyday decision-making that families make around money is “Save Share Spend”. This is a concept that you can share with your children or other youth in your life. Check out this “Money Moment” activity you can do as family to illustrate the concept of “Save Share Spend.”

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Sam Roth, Extension educator
Mary Jo Katras, Extension program leader

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