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Understanding Dragonflies and Damselflies

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8793 Owl Ave
Meadowlands, MN 55765


Clinton Dexter-Nienhaus
xanthomn@gmail.com or 507-525-3151

Dragonflies and damselfies (collectively known as odonates) are a fascinating group of insects. Most of their lives are spent as an aquatic nymph, even though most of us may better know them from their terrestrial and aerial adult stages. This field trip exploring the odonate-rich Sax-Zim Bog will give some life history background to these species, as well as spend some time catching and identifying adult odonates, as well as classifying nymphs. If you are interested in learning more or building your knowledge about this wonderful group of insects, this field trip is for you.

Plan on getting wet during this field trip. Dip nets, aerial insect nets, and hand lenses will be on hand for use (but do bring your own if you have them). Plan on bringing a lunch and any other snacks/water you may need for the day.



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