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4-H clover Steppin' outdoors with Minnesota 4-H

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This is a statewide activity that can be done anywhere.


Toby Neal, Extension educator
neal0225@umn.edu or 507-437-9552

Steppin’ outdoors with Minnesota 4-H encourages youth and families to enjoy the great outdoors. Anyone can register and log the miles they walk, hike, bike, swim and more! Together, we'll see how far the Minnesota 4-H community can travel. Participants can use any step counter or mile tracker including smartphone apps and pedometers.

Once you register, we will send you a personalized form to track your distance and time outdoors. All 4-H youth participants will receive an Outdoor Adventures decal and will be eligible for occasional prizes.

And for some extra fun (and a little competition), we will offer monthly mini-challenges that integrate outdoor skills and 4-H projects. We might even see which county can get outdoors the most!


  • All 4-H youth




Registration required. New participants can join any time before Sept. 1, 2021.

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