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4-H clover Nobles County Advisory Board & Federation Meeting

We will be electing new (5)Federation Officers & (3)Adult Advisory Board Members for the 2021-2022 year at the September Federation Meeting. If you are interested in continuing your 4-H Leadership Roles, please contact Mackenzie for more information!

The last Advisory Board & Federation Meeting of the 2020-2021 year will take place on Monday, September 20th! At the September meeting, we will be electing Federation Officers, reviewing the post fair surveys, discussing National 4-H week incentive ideas, and the 2021 Record Judging Format.

Advisory Board: 6:30 PM
Federation: 7 PM

2021-2022 Federation Schedule:

-Tuesday, January 18, 2022 --- Advisory Board & Officer Meeting at 6:30 PM, Federation Meeting at 7 PM (Martin Luther King Jr. Day is on Monday)
-Monday, April 18th --- Advisory Board & Officer Meeting at 6:30 PM, Federation Meeting at 7 PM
-Monday, July 18, 2022--- Advisory Board & Officer Meeting at 6:30 PM, Federation Meeting at 7 PM
-Monday, September 19th, 2022---Advisory Board & Officer Meeting at 6:30 PM, Federation Meeting at 7PM

Advisory Board Member Details
The Advisory Board shall consist of five (5) adult advisors and the five (5) Federation Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Youth Leader-at-Large). The County 4-H Program Coordinator shall be an ex-officio member of this committee. The Regional Extension Educator will serve as a liaison between the University of Minnesota Extension, Minnesota 4-H, and the Nobles County 4-H Advisory Board, providing guidance as needed.
Youth Officers:
1) The Federation Officers will be the Officers of the Advisory Board.
Adult Advisors:
1) In order to be eligible to serve as an advisor, an adult must have completed the 4-H volunteer screening process by the time of elections.
2) In consecutive years, new adults (will be elected in accordance with the term limits with one advisor to the president and one advisor to the treasurer elected on alternating years.
a. No more than two (2) advisors may be elected from one club.
b. Must have one (1) adult advisor to mentor the treasurer and another one (1) adult to mentor the president. The two aforementioned advisors will serve as signatories on the 4-H Checking Account. The other 3 advisors will be “at-large” and will assist the youth officers as need be.
i. The Treasurer will work with the Adult Advisor to the Treasurer and 4-H Extension Educator to prepare an annual budget.
ii. The Youth Treasurer, along with the Adult Advisor to the Treasurer, is responsible for all Nobles County 4-H Federation financial accounts.
iii. Adult Treasurer, Extension Educator, and Youth Treasurer are responsible for the budgeting and the Federation charter. The role of the Advisory Board will be to guide the budget process, address financial requests, establish and review policies and provide recommendations to the Federation. The Federation shall remain the governing body.

3) There can be no more than one adult advisor per family.
a. A youth officer and an adult advisor may be from the same family. Exception:
i. None of the following may be from the same family, since all are checkbook signers: Youth Treasurer, Adult advisor to the treasurer, Youth President, Adult advisor to the president
4) Vacancies shall be filled via the regular election process at the next Federation meeting.
5) Officers who are elected at the September Federation meeting will be installed at the end of the September Federation meeting, with official officer capacity being in effect from October 1st to September 30th of the following year.
6) Decisions relating to any financial account of the Nobles County 4-H Federation shall be discussed during Advisory Board meetings and acted upon at Federation meetings. Actions shall be recorded in the Secretary’s minutes.


  • All 4-H Members  & Leaders/Volunteers




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