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4-H clover FRSW Winter Outing

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Kelly Chadwick, Rice County Youth Development  Extension Educator 


Krystal Viktora, Steele County Youth Development Extension Educator 


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 Join area 4-Hers as we embark on our winter outing. We will be viewing the play "Princess and the Pea" at the Old Log Theater and burning off lots of energy at Grand Slam. The package at Grand Slam will include the use of the trampoline, mini golf, krazy kars, batting cages, $3.00 arcade card, playzone and a hot dog and soda. All grade levels are welcome, K-2 must have an adult with them. Wear clothes you can be active in. You can bring along extra spending money if desired. Registration deadline November 30th via 4Honline. In addition to registering for the event, you will need to present a signed waiver to staff before the event or the day of the event if you wish to be a trampoline participant. Waivers can be found at https://grandslammn.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/trampoline_waiver.pdf If your family registers and is no longer able to attend after December 14th, your family will be responsible for payment. 

Freeborn County will be picked up at 7:40 am and dropped off at 4:30 pm @ Harbor Freight; Steele & Waseca Counties will be picked up at 8:10 am and dropped off at 4:00 pm @ the Steele County Extension Office; Rice County will be picked up at 8:40 am and dropped off at 3:30 pm @ Speedway (2519 Lyndale Ave N)


K-13 ( K-2 must have an adult with them)


Freeborn: $15 Steele: $25 ($12.50 if you sold your pasta dinner tickets) Rice: $25 (you can request scholarship reimbursement) Waseca: $15


Sign up on 4-HOnline by November 30th! 

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