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Designing and using native seed mixes

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Julia Bohnen, CFANS researcher
bohne001@umn.edu or 612-624-0779

Many ecological restoration projects rely on revegetation from seed. This course discusses steps for effectively designing and using a seed mix, from choosing appropriate species to preparing the planting site.

Steps covered

  • Assessing the need to seed
  • Seed biology
  • Designing seed mixes
  • Acquiring and storing seeds
  • Preparing to seed
  • Seeding
  • Post-seeding management


  • Evaluate whether there are seed sources on-site or in the landscape that could contribute to revegetation
  • Design seed mixes so restored vegetation supports ecosystem functions and project goals
  • Obtain adequate supplies of seed and handle it so it stays viable
  • Prepare a site to be sowed
  • Install native seed
  • Manage sites following sowing to promote native plant establishment

This course is part of a certificate program. 

Prerequisite: Site assessment and setting restoration goals.

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Preregistration closes Sept. 26.

No refunds will be issued for cancellations after registration closes. Cancellations prior to the close of registration will be fully refunded minus transaction fees.

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