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4-H clover Clothing & Presentation Day

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Central time


Ivanhoe Public School
421 N Rebecca St
Ivanhoe, MN 56142


Michele VanDyke, University of Minnesota Extension 4-H Educator
mvandyke@umn.edu or 507-694-1421

Jill Daniels, University of Minnesota Extension, County Support Staff
jrdaniel@umn.edu or 507-694-1470

Projects judged on this day are Purchased Clothing, Constructed Clothing, Fashion Revue, Sewing Projects, Quilting, Performing Arts, Demonstrations (Non-Livestock), Silent Table Setting, and Food Revue. New this year, we'll also be judging Cake Decorating! We know that some of these projects can be intimidating, but they don't have to be! We've got lots of resources to help you. You can find resources for demonstrations and public presentations on the 'Resources' section of our Lincoln County 4-H website. 

If you have a younger 4-H member who isn't ready to speak in front of a group yet, Silent Table Setting would be a great project for them to get comfortable in front of an audience without having to speak. Learn more here - z.umn.edu/SilentTableSetting-Lincoln.

Performing Arts is any performance-based project. Piano solos, vocal solos and guitar performances have been popular in the past. New this year is the non-performance performing arts exhibit. What does that mean? If you create a set, write a one-act play, or compose a musical piece, you may enter those into the performing arts category. Learn more at z.umn.edu/PerformingArts-Lincoln

Clothing Projects are another popular project area. These projects got a bit of a re-brand recently. Titles have changed to 'Constructed Clothing' and 'Purchased Clothing,' but they mean the same thing.

Constructed clothing is any clothing item that you sew yourself. Purchased clothing is an outfit that you buy. You can learn more about clothing projects at z.umn.edu/ClothingProjects

Non-garment sewing projects and quilting projects will also be judged on July 14. A non-garment sewing item is anything that you've sewn by hand that you don't wear. This could be a pillowcase, a blanket, or a table runner, for example. Learn more at z.umn.edu/QuiltingProject

New this year we have Cake & Cookie Decorating! Learn more at z.umn.edu/cake-cookie-decorating

Finally, Food Revue includes baking/cooking one item of food from the menu you create; a place setting that includes dishes, silverware, linens, and a centerpiece for the course in which food is served. Learn more at z.umn.edu/FoodRevue-Lincoln



All Lincoln County Cloverbuds and 4-H Members


If you are considering exhibiting in any of these project areas, please include them when you complete your county fair registration in FairEntry.  z.umn.edu/FairEntry-Lincoln Deadline is June 25th.

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