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The changing landscape of Minnesota's retail economy

Minnesota's consumer and retail economy is changing. In 2019, Extension studied retail sales from 47 cities across Minnesota. A key finding showed retail sales are shifting from Main Street to the Internet, catalog and phone sales. Despite this change in consumer spending, Extension found instances where a community started outpacing the pack and grew consumer sales.

During our presentation, you will learn:

  • What factors made a difference in these communities.
  • How these trends may affect your own community.

We will also have a discussion on national and Minnesota online sales trends.

Guest: Bruce Schwartau

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About our guest

Bruce Schwartau is the University of Minnesota Extension program leader for community economics. He has studied retail trends in Minnesota for many years and developed the retail trade analysis program that many communities use to understand their local retail economy. He also has contributed to the Community Retail Development Toolbox that was co-created by University of Wisconsin, the Ohio State University, and University of Minnesota Extension.

This webinar is part of a series offered by Extension. Learn more about our community economics webinars.

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