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Asset-based leadership

How do you look at your organization or community? Do you see the things that are going well or are you focused on the problems? The lens we use not only impacts our thoughts but, also of those who view us as leaders. Join us to discuss the difference between asset- and deficit-based leadership.

Jody Horntvedt, leadership and civic engagement educator, will discuss the difference between asset- and deficit-based leadership. This session will focus on considering our personal mindset, whether "fixed" or "open", and applying that to how we lead in community groups, organizations, and in our workplace.

Asset-based leadership is learning to shift from looking for what is wrong, and instead focusing on the potential we can find in most situations. We'll offer tools and tips for modeling asset-based approaches and suggestions for growing open mindsets in those you lead.


Jody Horntvedt

Jody Horntvedt
University of Minnesota Extension

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This webinar is part of a series offered by Extension. Learn more about our Community Leadership Series.

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