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4-H clover Apple Blossoms to Apple Pie - Food Preservation Workshop - Session 1: September 30, Dehydrating Apples

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Michele Vandyke, University of Minnesota Extension, 4-H Extension Educator
mvandyke@umn.edu or 507-694-1421

Jill Daniels, University of Minnesota Extension, County Support Staff
jrdaniel@umn.edu or 507-694-1470

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Apples, Apples, Apples! Join us for this 4-H Food Preservation series to learn about preserving apples. You’ll explore preserving apples through dehydrating, canning/freezing, and through making apple pie. At the end of each workshop, 4-Hers will have prepared or preserved something from apples. These items could be entered in the foods or food preservation categories at next year’s county fair.

Zoom sessions will be held September 30, October 7, and October 14 from 7-8 PM. Each week, participants will recieve a supply list with all the materials and the link needed to participate in the Zoom session.

This workshop series is intended for youth grades 5 and up, but is open to youth grades 3-4 with adult supervision. 

Registration open date is September 20 and registration deadline is September 29. For assistance with registration, please refer to the event registration guide: or contact Jill Daniels at jrdaniel@umn.edu.

If you are new to 4-H, please select the “Virtual 4-H” or “In Person Camp/Event” club for your county. In the projects field, choose "food preservation/food nutrition" and any other project areas you have an interest in.


  • This workshop series is intended for youth grades 5 and up, but is open to youth grades 3-4 with adult supervision.




Open from September 20th - September 29th

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