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4-H clover 4-H Crop Scouting

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Crystal Valley Co-Op
7800 Old Highway 14
Janesville, MN 56093


Amy Nelson, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Developer, Waseca County
dobbe007@umn.edu or 507-835-0600

Mattea Dann, Extension Support Staff
mdann@umn.edu or 507-835-0600

Local events

Youth in grades 6+ are invited to join us for an introduction to crop scouting on June 30th at Crystal Valley Co-op from 9 am to 12 pm (7800 Old US Highway 14, Janesville, MN 56048)

Crop scouting is an essential part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Scouting provides field-specific information on pest pressure and crop injury, and is essential in making the appropriate pest management decisions. Youth will be able to learn about crop scouting, the state 4-H Crop Scouting event and careers related to crop scouting. Youth will also learn how to scout for problems and learn about possible solutions and strategies.


  • To provide youth an opportunity to learn crop scouting and principles of integrated pest management (IPM) for corn and soybean in Minnesota
  • To gain knowledge about the scouting, identification, and management strategies for diseases, insects, and weeds common to Minnesota crops
  • To develop the ability to gather information and solve problems
  • To demonstrate knowledge of crop scouting and IPM principles in a competitive event
  • To obtain knowledge and skills that will be helpful in future careers related to agri-science and environmental science.


  • Youth in grades 6+ in the Southeast, Southwest, and Central counties of Minnesota 4-H


For assistance with registration, please refer to the event registration guide or contact your local extension office.

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Upcoming events

Murray County 4-H Building
Blue Earth County Fairgrounds
Martin County Fairgrounds
Clinton Memorial Building
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