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In-person and online course comparison

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Parents can either take the online or in-person version of the Parents Forever™ course. Both versions:

  • Are designed to meet the needs of both parents and their children.
  • Cover the same content.
  • Meet all 25 Mandatory curriculum topics for parent education required by Minnesota Statute 518.157.
  • Meet the Minnesota Supreme Court recommendation for 8 hours of parent education.
  • Offer fee waivers and reduced fees per Minnesota statute.
  • Are approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Note: The North Dakota version of the online course does not meet Minnesota requirements.

Depending on your personal situation and learning style, one of the versions may be a better fit for you. Review the table below to compare the two versions.

Comparing the in-person and online versions of Parents Forever.
In-person Online
Offered by Independently-operated local programs in Minnesota University of Minnesota Extension
Availability Varies by program; in each of the 10 Minnesota judicial districts; some program have evening or weekend classes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Course Length Varies by program; minimum of 8 hours Depends on user’s pace; minimum of 8 hours (4.5 hours for North Dakota version)
Cost Varies by program; reduced fee options available for Minnesotans but vary by program (see Do you qualify for a reduced fee?) Varies by program; reduced fee options available for Minnesotans but vary by program (see Do you qualify for a reduced fee?)
  • $89 for standard version; reduced fee options available for Minnesotan
  • $69 for North Dakota version; reduced fees are not available.
Requirements Paper and pen; all other materials are provided
  • Reliable computer and internet connection
  • Comfort with online learning
  • Ability to read in English at a 5th–8th grade level
Format Benefits
  • Group interaction and learning opportunities
  • Connection to additional local agencies and resources
  • Teaching can be adjusted to individual participant’s needs
  • Available to anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection
  • Access to information controlled by user; can be completed as quickly or slowly as needed
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