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Offering Parents Forever in your community

Is your agency or organization thinking about offering a Parents Forever program in your community? If so, you probably have lots of questions.

Even if you are very familiar with the program, you may need more information that have taken place in recent years. In 2014 University of Minnesota Extension:

  • Revamped the entire Parents Forever curriculum.
  • Updated the process for becoming an authorized provider of the Parents Forever program.
  • Increased support for offering in-person classes.

Even if you have offered a Parents Forever before, we recommend reviewing the following information. It outlines the process that you can now expect with the program.

Note that this process pertains to teaching in-person Parents Forever™ courses. Only University of Minnesota Extension may offer Parents Forever online.

Make a decision

  1. If you are unfamiliar with Parents Forever, start by doing some research. Here are some web resources to get started.
  1. If you still have questions, you can watch the free Parents Forever Introductory Webinar. Note, even if you don't want this webinar now, you would be asked to watch it later during the facilitator training.
  2. Determine whether Parents Forever™ is right for you, your organization and your community. Get the necessary internal approvals to proceed.

Launch the program

  1. Identify facilitators and, if applicable, a program coordinator.
  2. Arrange for facilitators and program coordinator to attend the Parents Forever Facilitator Training. The online version of this training is always available. The in-person version is available based on demand.
  3. After the training, you will receive an annual agreement for your organization to sign. Get a signature from your organization’s leadership on the agreement form. Submit the signed document to the Parents Forever administrative office.
  4. Pay the $299 fee to access the Parents Forever facilitator website. This is where you can download and print the complete Parents Forever curriculum.
  5. Review the curriculum. Decide if you will conduct the entire course in one day or break it into two or more class sessions.
  6. Plan and follow through on steps needed to host your first Parents Forever class or class series.
  7. Set your class registration fee and reduced fee amounts (required for Minnesota classes). See the guidelines on the Parents Forever facilitator website.
  8. Submit your class dates, times and location to the Parents Forever administrative office. The office will publish them on the Parents Forever website.
  9. Publicize the class. Visit the Parents Forever facilitator website and download promotional tips and tools. You can also get brochure templates for marketing the class.
  10. Assemble needed materials, including local resource lists for your class or class series.
  11. Review your registration list. Print needed copies and order the Parents Forever Parent Handbook for each participant.
  12. Facilitate your class or class series.

Follow up after hosting a class

  1. Submit your class demographic and evaluation data to the Parents Forever™ administrative office. Submit it within a week of concluding your class or class series.
  2. Connect with the Parents Forever™ team to discuss what went well.
  3. Get any additional information or resources you might need before offering the class again.


  1. Create a plan for sustaining and continuing to market your Parents Forever program. Use the promotional tips and tools on the Parents Forever facilitator website.
  2. Plan future classes. Remember to submit new class dates to the Parents Forever administrative office. (The dates will be published on the Parents Forever website.)
  3. Continue to submit class demographic and evaluation data to the Parents Forever administrative office.
  4. Notify the Parents Forever administrative office of any program staff changes. Ensure that all new facilitators and program coordinators complete the required training.
  5. Develop relationships with local partners such as:
    • Judges.
    • Attorneys.
    • Representatives of organizations serving families.
    • Other individuals who can refer parents to your class.
  1. Stay connected to others in the Parents Forever™ administrative office and community. This will allow for continuous improvement of the program.


  1. Complete the annual renewal survey to determine future needs.
  2. Take part in at least one hour of professional development training related to the topic of family transition.
  3. Participate in the Parents Forever Introductory Webinar. This will be updated every year.
  4. Use the annual evaluation summary report you receive from the Parents Forever administrative office. This will help you share successes with your organization, funders and community partners.
  5. Remember to sign and submit your annual agreement each year you offer the program.


Still not sure if Parents Forever is for you? Watch the Parents Forever Introductory Webinar. Note the online version of the facilitator training also contains access to this webinar.

You may also be interested in reviewing the Frequently asked questions by professionals.

Otherwise, contact us for more information.

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