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Cultivating powerful participation: Food justice facilitation virtual mini-workshops

Why now?

Minnesota and the world are at a critical time. As days pass, the inequities in our food system are becoming even more clear.  In order to create a better food system for everyone, we need leaders who are prepared to facilitate collaborative work for food justice. With work moving rapidly to an online setting, we are creating space for leaders to not only learn how to facilitate but to do so virtually!


The University of Minnesota Extension and food justice leaders around the state are working together to equip people with the skills and tools to cultivate meaningful dialogue that leads to action.

This collaboration began in October 2019 when a team of leaders from outside the University came together with Extension staff for four days to strengthen their facilitation skills and co-create a curriculum to help others learn how to bring people together more effectively to cultivate powerful participation.

Attendees walked away with practical tools and partnerships that would help them to pass these skills on to others through a series of workshops around the state. 

Upcoming workshops

These mini-workshops are for anyone who is passionate about working with others to create a more just food system by cultivating dialogue that leads to action. Come ready to learn new skills, form new relationships and work with others to advance strategic efforts like the Minnesota Food Charter.

We invite people from all walks of life to attend the workshops. We believe equity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords. Our goal is to have balanced participation between those with lived experience of food injustice and food insecurity and with those who are engaged in this work as paid professionals.

If you are in the paid professional category, please invite at least one more person from your organization to attend. Strength in numbers is key to organizational change!

The mini-workshops will include learning about a facilitation method, experiencing the method virtually with participants using a topic related to food justice, and then reflecting on how the method could be used in your setting. 

Mini-workshops will take place on the first and third Tuesday of every month from 2:00 - 3:30 pm.

New to virtual meetings?

If you are new to virtual meetings and virtual facilitation skills, please consider exploring the following resources:

Past workshops

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