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Category O: Soil Fumigation

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Learn about fumigating soil with pesticides. The audience is commercial and noncommercial pesticide applicators. Category O recertification workshops also include recertification credit for Category A (core).

Who must attend a Category O Recertification Workshop in 2019?

Minnesota pesticide applicators licensed in Categories A and O who last attended a workshop in 2017 need to attend an MDA approved recertification workshop. New pesticide applicators (licensed for the first time in 2018) need to attend a workshop, too. Attendance at an approved recertification workshop once every two years fulfills the recertification requirement in Categories A and O by licensed commercial and noncommercial pesticide applicators. Some license categories require recertification more often.

When do I renew my license, attend a recertification workshop or retest?


License renewal is required every year and follows recertification. Attending a 2019 recertification workshop for Category O enables pesticide applicators to renew their license in 2019 and 2020. If an applicator does not attend a 2019 workshop in their categories as required, retesting must be completed before a license can be renewed. Then, in addition to the license application fee, retest fees are charged for each category.


If you attend a recertification workshop in 2019 for Category O, you'll be required to attend a recertification workshop or take the exam again in 2021.

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