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Kate Walker

Extension professor and Extension specialist in youth work practice, editor of the Journal of Youth Development

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Kate leads the understanding and development of youth work practice. She studies the role that adult program leaders, staff and volunteers play in supporting youth development in programs. She also leads professional development efforts aimed at supporting and improving youth work practice. This includes trainings on social and emotional learning and on the dilemmas that practitioners face in their everyday work with young people. Kate is also the editor of the Journal for Youth Development: Bridging Research and Practice.

Academic degrees and experience

Selected publications

Walker, K., Olson, B., & Herman, M. (2019). Social and Emotional Learning in Practice: A Toolkit of Practical Strategies and Resources (2nd ed.). St. Paul, MN: University of Minnesota Extension.

Walker, K. & Weiss, T.G. (2016). Ethical dilemmas experienced by youth workers: Implications for practice and professional development. In K. Pozzoboni & B. Kirschner. (Eds.)., The Changing Landscape of Youth Work: Theory and Practice for an Evolving Field. Information Age Press.

Ross, L., Capra, S., Carpenter, L., Hubbell, J., & Walker, K. (2015). Dilemmas in Youth Work and Youth Development Practice. New York: Routledge.

Larson, R., Walker, K., Rusk, N., & Diaz, L.B. (2015). Understanding youth development from the practitioner’s point of view: A call for research on effective practiceApplied Developmental Science, 19(2), 74-86.

Walker, K. & Larson, R. (2012). Youth worker reasoning about dilemmas encountered in practice: Expert-novice differencesJournal of Youth Development, 7(1).

Walker, K. (2011). The multiple roles that youth development program leaders adopt with youthYouth & Society, 43(2), 635-655.

Larson, R. & Walker, K. (2010). Dilemmas of practice: Challenges to program quality encountered by youth program leaders. American Journal of Community Psychology, 45(3), 338-349. 


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Reviewed in 2022

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